KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number 2023

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KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number
KBC Head Office Official Helpline WhatsApp +971564789024 | KBC Lucky Winner 2022 | Online KBC Lucky Winner 2022 | KBC WhatsApp Winner 2022

What is the KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)?

Before starting, let me ask a question. Do you want to be an overnight millionaire? Certainly, you can’t deny it and your answer would be an affirm yes. But have you ever thought, how you can become a millionaire within hours? Well, in a normal world, it looks so unreal. However, in a world that has a show like KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati, then it is very much possible. By taking part in the KBC Show or KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw, you can win a huge amount to fulfill your dreams. To broaden the reach of this show, the KBC Management has now introduced the KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number. So, every Indian can take part in this amazing show and KBC Lucky lottery draws. Moreover, Kaun Banega Crore Pati is an Indian version of the famous British TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The show started in 2000 and since then it has become the most-watched show in Indian history. For further details, call at KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number +971564789024.

KBC Head Office Helpline

Who runs the KBC Show?

Well, the driving and leading force behind the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw is Amitabh Bachan and Rana Partan Singh. Mr. Bachan is the host of the show while Partab Singh is the lottery manager at the KBC Head Office. Both celebrities are on a mission to alleviate poverty in the Indian country. For, this purpose, they have joined hands with many business organizations to launch various lucky draws for Indians so everyone can have a chance to win a prize. Moreover, they have established new offices like KBC Head Office Mumbai, KBC Head Office Kolkata, and KBC Head Office Delhi so that people can interact easily with the KBC officials. Apart from this, they have introduced the KBC Whatsapp helpline number where the KBC officers are available 24/7 to address all your queries and questions. Call on WhatsApp on the official KBC helpline number +971564789024.

KBC WhatsApp Number

What is the aim of the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw?

For years, we have seen many celebrities and well-educated Indians who used to be a part of the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show. Poor and illiterate Indians just could fantasize to appear in the show and win the KBC prize. However, this was noted by the KBC Management and they decided to compensate the lower middles class as well. Because the purpose of the show was to eradicate poverty from the country and not just to give money to the already privileged class. Therefore, the KBC lottery manager Rana Partab Singh introduced various kinds of lottery schemes that include.

  • KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw
  • The KBC JIO Lottery
  • KBC SIM Card Lucky Draw
  • The KBC 25 Lakh WhatsApp lottery draw
  • KBC IMO lucky draw
  • KBC Viber draw

What is the KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number?

Initially, there was an official landline KBC number to address the queries raised by the Indians. However, with time, the KBC Management have now introduced their KBC Official Website, KBC official WhatsApp number as well as many other KBC Head Office Numbers. Now, people can visit the KBC website from all over the world as well as can call on the KBC WhatsApp number without extra charges. This step has boosted the popularity of the KBC and people are loving it. Because now they can approach the KBC officers without any difficulty. The KBC Head Office Numbers are the following.

  1. KBC Head Office Number +971564789024
  2. The KBC WhatsApp Helpline +971564789024
  3. KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp Number +971564789024
  4. KBC WhatsApp lottery Manager number +971564789024

How to be part of the KBC Lucky draw?

Well, after reading all the above paragraphs, no you will be thinking how can I take part in the WhatsApp lucky draw. Well, participating in the KBC lucky draws is one of the easiest things ever in the world. If you are an active SIM card user and have WhatsApp on it then you will be an automatic part of the KBC WhatsApp lucky draw and eventually, a KBC WhatsApp lucky winner. The more you recharge your SIM card higher are the chances to win the KBC prize. If you are not sure whether you are a part of the KBC lucky draws or not then call on the KBC Head Office WhatsApp number +971564789024. You can also fill the registration form to be a part of the KBC lottery draws.

Beware of fake KBC callers and scammers

It is also worth mentioning that when the KBC launched these schemes some scammers and fraudsters also came into the game. They used the name of the KBC and looted the innocent and naive Indian. Still, they are calling people and pretend to be the KBC lottery manager. Never believe in such calls because they will ask you to send money to claim your prize. If your receive such a call immediately report it to KBC Head Office by calling on WhatsApp number +971564789024.

KBC WhatsApp Lucky Winners List

Ajit Kumar Lucky Winner
Name: Ajit Kumar Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 71*****225
Priya Rai
Name: Priya Rai Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 74*****338
Rajeev Khatri
Name: Rajeev Khatri Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 81*****175
Jiya Verma
Name: Jiya Verma Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 71*****668
Arun Laal
Name: Arun Laal Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 82*****885
Rahul Sharma
Name: Rahul Shiam Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 75*****489
Azam Hussain
Name: Azam Khan Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 73*****115
Amit Mishra
Name: Amit Mishra Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 76*****120
Ajay Joshi
Name: Ajay Joshi Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 91*****456
Radhika Chopra
Name: Radhika Prize: 2,500,000 Mobile: 80*****766